This Privacy Policy is intended to clarify Faci's commitment to ensuring the protection of users' personal data from Faci's websites ( From a public communication perspective, guiding the company's operations.

The information provided in the user registration form is fully responsibility of the visitors and participants, it is passed on to the clients who hire our service and / & quot ;. With the e-mail registered in the Site or in Applications, & nbsp; can be used for sending a newsletter, if there is an express agreement in this sense on the part of the user. The sending of the email can be canceled at any time by the registered person.
Information about browsing the site, such as the IP address, cookies and the pages accessed, can be stored.
All information about personal data and navigation data is stored in a database of the Faci. Any changes in this registration are subject to change without notice. can be made upon request when necessary.
In order to facilitate the understanding of how to facilitate the use of personal information of users, please find below answers to frequently asked questions on the subject:

What information does Faci request and register?

Faci collects data in a variety of ways, through websites and applications.

Some personal information is obtained by completing the registration form to participate in the services provided by Faci as for promotions and e-nbsp; the sending of a newsletter. The more data that is correctly supplied, the better. the possibility of adapting the experience of navigation to the interests of the visitor.
The user- prohibited from registering with imprudent, libelous or slanderous expressions, with the use of trademarks of third-party products or services, social or institutional denominations, advertising expressions, names or pseudonyms of personalities, of persons famous or registered by third parties; in general, contradict & aggravate; law and & aggravate; order. Also, allowed the use of brand names, programs, programs, products or services owned and / or offered by Faci and its vehicles. For more information, read the Terms of Use.

The user who disrespects the established in this Privacy Policy may have your access to the site blocked without notice and at the sole discretion of the Faci.
Faci has partners who assist in tasks such as the visitation measurement, management of comments and sending of electronic bulletin. Eventually, they can request information and collect data. Information requested directly by the user's partners is subject to their own rules and practices of data usage, exempting the responsibility.

What are cookies and what are they for?

When you visit a Portal Faci page, one or more cookies or other devices may be sent to your computer. Cookies are small text files sent and stored on the user's computer that serve to recognize, track and store your history of actions within the Faci's website.
The use of cookies enables & aggravates; EBC, to offer in its Portal a service best suited to the interests and necessities of the user, allowing specific presentation of content and advertising.
Most browsers & configured to accept cookies, but you you can reset your browser's default settings to refuse all cookies or indicate when such a device is & nbsp; being sent. However, some features and services on Faci's website may not function properly if cookies are disabled.

How can the information collected be used?

The information collected by the Faci website is used to customize content or services offered. Knowing more about the user, Faci's website can provide content and more relevant services and provide a better online experience.
Data can also be used to produce general statistical data for informational purposes. Localization, geographical indicators, demographic and profile indicators of Internet usage on Faci's website can be provided to partners and external entities, without revealing the name or personal navigation personnel can identify the user.
Users have the option to subscribe to the Faci website newsletter (bulletin sent periodically), to receive in their e-mail account a selection of news and highlights of the program. as well as advertising banners. Whenever the user wishes, this option can be changed.

Does Faci deliver or sell the information collected?

In no event will individual personal information be marketed or provided to third parties, except in strict compliance with court orders or similar legal proceedings.

What information can be shared?

The Faci nology site has as a prerequisite the disclosure of information that can identify the user. In some cases, this identifier will be if the participant participates in any promotion (and if this is duly expressed in the participation register).
Faci reveals information about the profile of its users in a generic and non-personalized way in some circumstances, with the percentage of male and female web surfers or who access the site, for example. This type of data is collected by cookies and allows to describe to whom the services are provided.

The protection & aggravation is provided by guaranteed?

A stream of data on the internet is not a problem. 100% safe. So, while Faci does to everything that is, at your fingertips to protect personal information from Internet users accessing the Portal, able to guarantee complete security of every information provided. Therefore, a personal decision to use the service under these conditions.